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Not too many people would consider taking a sex-vacation in the capital of Indonesia. In fact, while cruising around the streets, shopping malls or other public places you will hardly see any other western foreigners. Places like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Rio de Janeiro or Angeles City all have a certain “touristy” feeling but Jakarta is a totally different story.

Although Indonesia is the biggest islamic country in the world, there is still a lot of fun to have. Except for Blok M, most places mentioned on this website cater to mainly Indonesian or at least Asian customers. However, this shouldn`t hold you back from visiting these places if you are from a western country, for example. Besides a small language barrier there is nothing to worry about and the experience in the end is really rewarding. Jakarta is also a very good starting point before you head to other parts of the country like Bali, Sumatra or Kalimantan.

Indonesian girls are the sweetest in the world and if you are fed up with tattooed hardcore Thai hookers after your 69th trip to Pattaya then Jakarta might suit you very well. The girls are waiting for you !

Have fun.

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Blok M

You will find around a dozen small bars on Jalan Pelatehan. D`s Place, Top Gun and My Bar were the most popular bars when I visited Blok M the last time. English language is no problem here because the owners of the bars target their places mainly to the expat community. No need to come to Blok M before 8pm and even that is probably to early. I had the feeling that most of the freelance girls do not arrive earlier than 9 or 10pm. On any given day you will find at least 100 Indonesian girls there to meet potential customers. I did not find most of the girls too attractive but it`s possible to find a gem or two. A big plus is that girls are used to foreigners and most of them can follow a basic conversation in English.

Prices for ST or an over-night action vary greatly and depend on your age, appearance and experience. Some girls are dreaming of 500,000 IDR (US$55) but should be easily negotiated down to 300,000 IDR in most cases. I am not the biggest fan of Blok M but you should at least have seen it once when you are in Jakarta. If your hotel is located in the Kota area then its necessary to use a taxi to get to Blok M. Make sure you use a Blue Bird taxi as they are known to use their meters correctly and not ripping off their customers. Fare from Kota should run around 30,000 IDR (US$3,5). Some of the taxis that wait outside the bars for customers use rigged meters. It is a good idea to negotiate a fare back to your hotel.

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Pen J

You will find the so-called Pen J-area on Jalan Jayakarta. It might be hard to find it the first time so you better take a cab there. If you are familiar to the Soi 6 venues in Pattaya, Thailand then that is what you find here in Jakarta in the Pen J bars. It is basically all about a short time session in one of the bars upstair rooms. The bars are looking pretty decent from the inside and are not run down places someone might have expected in Indonesia. Speakers are turned to the max, constantly playing Indo-mixed House and Techno music. Plenty of girls to choose from and the mamasans will be helpful with your decision. English might be a little problem here since these bars rarely get visited by “bules” – foreigners. You will get your meaning across but don`t count on a lengthy conversation here. Prices are very reasonable at around 230.000 IDR, about US$ 25 for a relaxing ST including the room rent. Girls might be a little shy talking to you at first and it is very realistic you are her first foreigner she ever talked to. By the way, unlike the ST bars in Thailand the girls are not waiting for customers outside their bars. You have to go actually in the bar to scout the talent. Venues I enjoyed during my last visit were MTR-Club, Royal, LA-Bar and Sari Ayu. Do not go there late at night, Pen J opens in the early afternoon hours and thats when you should stop by there as well. All in all, I really enjoyed the Pen J bars. They are hassle-free, reasonable priced and usually have a good selection of available girls with a nice attitude. Enjoy and happy hunting !

Brothel area Pen J

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There are plenty of hotels in Jakarta from cheap budget places to fancy luxurious rooms costing several hundred bucks. When booking your room in Jakarta keep in mind that this is a huge city and its all about location. I suggest you stay very near to the main action. The bars in Blok M are not open during the day time so there was not really a reason to stay there for me. I decided to stay in an area called Kota because there are plenty of places to hang out during the afternoon. SPARKS HOTEL was a decent choice but there are also other hotels within a short walking distance like the HOTEL TRAVEL or the PRINSEN PARK HOTEL. It should be possible to book a room for the Hotel Sparks online on their website. Just make sure you have a print-out of the reservation when you check-in. The rooms have a futuristic interiour and that really adds up to a positive experience. Of course, bringing back a guest during the day- or nighttime to entertain them in your room is not a problem at all.


Address : Jalan Mangga Besar Raya 42


Nice hotel within walking distance from the Sparks. It doesn`t have the futuristic look like the Sparks but an in-house massage parlor with plenty of girls to choose from.

Address : Jalan Mangga Besar VIII / 21


Good location just in front of the Lokasari Plaza where you can find the infamous TC-disco. This is a good choice if you travel on a budget but the rooms are still okay (and large).

Address : Jalan Mangga Besar IX / 83-85

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