There are plenty of hotels in Jakarta from cheap budget places to fancy luxurious rooms costing several hundred bucks. When booking your room in Jakarta keep in mind that this is a huge city and its all about location. I suggest you stay very near to the main action. The bars in Blok M are not open during the day time so there was not really a reason to stay there for me. I decided to stay in an area called Kota because there are plenty of places to hang out during the afternoon. SPARKS HOTEL was a decent choice but there are also other hotels within a short walking distance like the HOTEL TRAVEL or the PRINSEN PARK HOTEL. It should be possible to book a room for the Hotel Sparks online on their website. Just make sure you have a print-out of the reservation when you check-in. The rooms have a futuristic interiour and that really adds up to a positive experience. Of course, bringing back a guest during the day- or nighttime to entertain them in your room is not a problem at all.


Address : Jalan Mangga Besar Raya 42


Nice hotel within walking distance from the Sparks. It doesn`t have the futuristic look like the Sparks but an in-house massage parlor with plenty of girls to choose from.

Address : Jalan Mangga Besar VIII / 21


Good location just in front of the Lokasari Plaza where you can find the infamous TC-disco. This is a good choice if you travel on a budget but the rooms are still okay (and large).

Address : Jalan Mangga Besar IX / 83-85

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  1. Mr.T says:

    Hmmm, if by TC you mean Today Country, you are out of date. The place closed down last year. But there are plenty others neaby… and lots of girls roaming the area…good luck.

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