Welcome to Jakarta

Not too many people would consider taking a sex-vacation in the capital of Indonesia. In fact, while cruising around the streets, shopping malls or other public places you will hardly see any other western foreigners. Places like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Rio de Janeiro or Angeles City all have a certain “touristy” feeling but Jakarta is a totally different story.

Although Indonesia is the biggest islamic country in the world, there is still a lot of fun to have. Except for Blok M, most places mentioned on this website cater to mainly Indonesian or at least Asian customers. However, this shouldn`t hold you back from visiting these places if you are from a western country, for example. Besides a small language barrier there is nothing to worry about and the experience in the end is really rewarding. Jakarta is also a very good starting point before you head to other parts of the country like Bali, Sumatra or Kalimantan.

Indonesian girls are the sweetest in the world and if you are fed up with tattooed hardcore Thai hookers after your 69th trip to Pattaya then Jakarta might suit you very well. The girls are waiting for you !

Have fun.

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